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2018 Brookings-V20 Workshop, Washington DC |April 18 


Welcoming Remarks and Overview

  • Homi Kharas, Brookings Institution (USA)

  • Yves Tiberghien, VISION20 & UBC (Canada)

Session 1: New Values for a New Era

New Values and New Political Discourses for Addressing Social Angst and Overcome Big Divides in Values

  • [Chair] Colin Bradford, VISION20 & Brookings Institution (USA)

  • Homi Kharas, Brookings Institution (USA)

  • Sergio Bittar, IDEA (Chile)

  • Martin Albrow, LSE (UK)

Session 2: New Politics in the Post Brexit Era

New Values and New Political Dynamics for Delivering Better Social Outcomes;   Pathways and Processes toward Politically Sustainable Outcomes 

  • [Chair] Sergio Bittar, IDEA (Chile)

  • Richard Wike, Pew Research Centre (USA)

  • Francisco Sagasti, Partido Morado (Peru)

  • Rory MacFarquhar, Google (USA)

Lunch Speakers: Towards G20

  • Laura Jaitman, G20 Finance Deputy (Argentina)

  • Pedro Villagra Delgado, G20 Sherpa (Argentina)

Session 3: Policy Innovations

Policy Innovations for Greater Inclusion and Better Social Outcomes: Comparative Perspectives and Policy Conclusions; Toward a Menu of Policy Instruments and Options for Achieving Greater Social Cohesion 

  • [Co-Chair] Kermal Dervis, Brookings Institution (USA)

  • [Co-Chair] Elsa Fornero, Former Labor Minister (Italy)

  • Nicolas Veron, Peterson Institute for International Economics (USA)

  • Juan Rodil, CIPPEC (Argentina)

  • Masahiro Kawai, University of Tokyo (Japan)

  • Xue Lan, Tsinghua University (China)

Session 4: Global Governance

Managing Globalization in the Post Bretton Woods Era: The Impact of New Values, Politics and Policies on International Relations; Geopolitical Shifts and the Global Order; Responses of the Global System of International Institutions to the New Dynamics

  • [Co-Chair] Bruce Jones, Brookings Institution (USA)

  • [Co-Chair] Alan Alexandroff, VISION20 & University of Toronto (Canada)

  • Matthew Goodman, Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA)

  • Rajat Kathuria, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (India)

  • Jorge Heine, Woodrow Wilson Center (USA)

  • Bertrand Badre, BlueOrange Capital (France)

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