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The 2018 Brookings-V20 Workshop on Social Cohesion was held on 14th April 2018 at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. In addition to the day-long event, participants were engaged through various other channels including an early arrival dinner, a working group dinner, a post-event debrief, and ongoing efforts to compile a Working Paper.

The 2018 Workshop was led by the founders of the Brookings-V20 partnership:

  • Yves Tiberghien, University of British Columbia

  • Colin Bradford, Brookings Institution

  • Alan Alexandroff, University of Toronto

The planning and execution of the 2018 Workshop was supported by four VISION20 Fellows based at the University of British Columbia and team members from Brookings:

VISION20 Fellows

  • Susanne Beilmann, Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Candidate

  • Tommy Koh, Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Candidate

  • Yingqiu Kuang, PhD Candidate in Political Science

  • Adam Waitzer, Undergraduate Student in International Relations


  • Sebastian Strauss, Brookings Institution

  • Jennifer Cohen, Brookings Institution

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