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T20 Argentina 

V20 Panel on Visioning the Future

Buenos Aires |September 18 



  • Sergio Bitar, Inter-American Dialogue

  • Colin Bradford, Brookings Institution

  • Chen Dongxiao, Shanghai Institute of International Studies

  • Julia Pomares, CIPPEC

  • [Moderator] Yves Tiberghien, VISION20 & UBC (Canada)

On-site V20 Founders and Partners

  • Alan Alexandroff (Co-Founder, University of Toronto)

  • Tim Doyle (Partner, Centennial College)

On-site V20 Fellows

  • Susanne Beilmann (Fellow, UBC)

  • Claire Floody (Global Summitry Fellow, Centennial College)

  • Tommy Koh (Fellow, UBC)

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