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April 2019

Effective Multilateralism:

2019 VISION20-Brookings Blue Report

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T20 Japan Inception Conference

Dec 4, 2018 and Dec 5, 2018

Memo on Three Establishment Views

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The world is witnessing an extraordinary technological, economic, social, environmental, and political transformation. Market integration and social change have proceeded at a rapid pace, which has stretched the institutions and power networks that underpin our global economic system to the limit. New powers have risen, with about 20% of global GDP shifting toward emerging economies since 1990. As noted by the IMF’s Christine Lagarde on March 20, 2016, emerging and developing economies have generated 80% of world growth since the 2008 global financial crisis. Dealing with global public goods, systemic risks such as climate change, and global institutional resilience now primarily depends on quality cooperation between established and emerging powers. Yet, rising nationalism poses new challenges to multilateral alliances and institutions...  Read More



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YvesT-Vision20_Photos_Hangzhou- - 115
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2018 VISION20-Brookings Blue Paper Release

November 30, 2018

A Blue Paper for the Argentine G20 Presidency in 2018

Views from the Brookings-VISION20 Workshop on Social Cohesion (April 2018) and the T20 Argentina V20 Panel on "Visioning the Future" (September 2018)

Vancouver Sun Op-Ed by V20 Fellow Denby McDonnell and V20 Co-Chair Yves Tiberghien

November 26, 2018

Denby McDonnell and Yves Tiberghien: Now is the time for a global pact for the environment

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